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Originally Posted by flying-spike View Post

There are a few more conditions to be met for a flight to be defined as RPT:

CAR 206

3.2 RPT operations involving ‘transporting persons generally, or transporting cargo for persons generally, for hire or reward, in accordance with fixed schedules to and from fixed terminals over specific routes with or without intermediate stopping places between terminals’, under CAR 206(1)(c) [emphasis provided].
Not if the CAsA Inspectors says otherwise.

What you have supplied is mere text!

CAsA employee "fixed schedule" = RPT and give you a little note.

Your next move (while you have that little note given to you 16:30 Friday afternoon saying your grounded! Is, well up to you.

However correctly or incorrectly grounded - should you continue to fly, you are now clearly in breach of more Regulations.

So your next flight might be in a year or 3 - then you are a target, so expect many "random" visits.
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