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You would have to have been living under a rock not to know that Australia is going one way with GA & the States going the opposite way!
Last year when I was in Texas doing a course speaking to the course attendees about private ownership & costs etc as well as GA in general they where astounded how our regulator is killing off GA especially in a country roughly the same geographical size as our land mass meaning GA ought to be booming!
One of the biggest stumbling blocks apart from CASA themselves is that we have such a small population & that we are a minority group when it comes to GA, most of the general public have zero idea about light planes & think we few who own & or fly are just wealthy!
We haven't got a chance, the prosperity just isn't there:-(
One thing the FAA is an administration, our so called minders are an Authority languishing under the 'safety' umbrella at all costs!:-(

RIP GA, a once great industry where there was hope, a future something to plan for, glad I had the opportunity to experience a once great Nation when it came to aviation-(
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