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Originally Posted by ShotOne View Post
It’s going to be tough either way: even the rejected deal wasn’t actually a deal, just a starting point for talks. The very fact of a “backstop” being demanded demonstrates their lack of intent to offer a reasonable deal. In all the negotiations we’ve ever conducted, big and small, has anyone, ever, started by agreeing a “backstop”?
Because of the complicated nature of the NI "backstop" - where the UK / RoI border is both an external frontier of the EU (as is Poland / Ukraine or Bulgaria / Turkey) and at the same time an open border under the common travel arrangements. The backstop is there simply to ensure that there isn't a hard border between the EU and it's non EU neighbour whilst a system radically different to the EU eternal land borders is resolved.

Anyone who has been involved in any way with HMRC computer related projects know how difficult and problem ridden they are to put in place; and I fear that those on the EU side will be just as big a minefield so whilst something is being thrashed out, to protect the interests of in particular, the fragile peace in NI, the backstop is logical, and workable - just not to the DUP and ERG members who's sole goal is to leave and to hell with the consequences, political, social and economic.

I truly despair of politicians who are approaching the whole Brexit negotiation and future arrangements in the way they would were the EU to be a colony of the empire, rather than an equal partner. If Parliament allows the hot heads on the extreme wings of the Conservative and DU Parties to leave with no deal, it will, 100% be a British not an EU decision, and ours, not their fault. Come the election, whenever that be, if Brexit turns out badly, the electorate must not be allowed to forget that, and have it falsely manipulated by the likes of biased sections of the media to read otherwise.
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