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Originally Posted by BluSdUp View Post
The Old Guard leaving with good pension, making room for young and not so young.
That is the principle the Union Deal is all about.
The past is the past. Get over it.

The fact is that there is finally great movement into pension in most Flag Carrier, or real Airlines with proper deals.
Not like the old days, but better then most LOCOs.

With regards to Dutch being required I personally know more then 10 Norwegians that started in KLM with no dutch language skill.
They were better pilots then the Dutch, mind You, and hence were hired.
I have also done a few dozen MCC courses with Dutch F16 and heli crew some time ago, good crew. And brilliant at pilot incapasitation , with Emergency Return.
You all send in an application and quit moaning!
You will all make the left side soon , as the majority of the Captains have retired in 7 to 10 years. ( Math Boys, must study it!)
Pass the test , then You have a choice.
Good Luck to all.
Cpt B
What a Strange way to write a post. Do you purposely mean to write in such an adult>child manner? I sincerely trust you run those MCC courses in a differant way ( ironic that you decided a pilot incap drill and emergency return is the way to determine a good pilot on M(ulti) C(rew) C(operation) course).
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