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Originally Posted by Andy_S View Post
But the neutrals? Those who were caught up in the jams? Those who suffered inconvenience? The general public who will have heard the story about the man who was unable to reach his dying father? It's difficult to see how these stunts by ER will have won over anyone who isn't already a supporter.
I believe that this was one reason why the more extreme animal rights protest groups decided not to continue to pursue disruptive demonstrations.

Where we used to live we were subjected to "direct action" from animal rights protesters from time to time. On one occasion they parked a rusty Transit across our drive one Saturday morning, preventing us getting out of the house, whilst they stood in the road yelling and spray painting slogans all over the place. The police refused to move the van, and chose to just monitor the demonstration all day. The demonstration was universally condemned in the local press, and a pressure group was formed locally to take action against radical animal rights protesters should they seek to pull a stunt like this again. The demonstrations stopped, not because Porton Down (just down the road) had stopped animal experiments (they haven't, even now) but because the organisers realised that demonstrations of this type tended to create antipathy towards themselves, and hence to their cause.
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