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If you are Thai stay in Thailand. It is a closed system where the big and sudden changes of the aviation market worldwide are somehow dampened. Airlines in Thailand are always on a rising curve, the only thing that changes is how steep is that curve.

If you are not Thai then it is more difficult, more so if you don't have experience.

The issue I see in your question is that the definition of "best country" varies greatly from one individual to another. I wouldn't mind sitting 10 months to get the JCAB license for a long term gig in Japan but others don't even want to hear about it. I am not enticed by the work ambiance and the pressure present in Korea but others carry on with it. It just depends on what you want and who you are as a pilot, which is something you still have to figure out since you are starting.

I have been an expat in Asia for almost two decades and, definitely, money is not everything for me. In my case Vietnam, Thailand or Laos would be my preferred choice, if only because people is generally speaking more open than in China or Korea. But it is just me.

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