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World Situation

Originally Posted by aviation_enthus View Post

All well and good to say this BUT not everyone can work at Delta, AA or QF. My first choice was QF, I’d argue it’s the top of the pile in OZ and pretty much every pilot that starts out aims for the top. If I’d been offered a QF gig, I’d be there. But I wasn’t, so EK was the next best choice.

Its not realistic to expect everyone to walk away from a job like EK because ‘I should be working for a legacy, I deserve better’. Want we all want and what is available/given are two VERY different things.

Despite what you may think, EK is still attractive to many pilots around the world. Even with the lack of payrises, the money is still reasonable in comparison to what is on offer elsewhere. The trade off is obviously how hard we all work and the lack of normal employee protections most of us enjoy back home.

I’m not ‘pro EK management’ before you try and paint me with this brush. Just realistic. Plus this idea that we should all be working for the best and screw the rest, pisses me off. Everyone takes the best option available to them at the time.
I agree with you.

Times have change and being a pilot is not what it used to be years ago. Many years ago landing a Job at a decent airline was hard, nowadays there are plenty of options but quantity doesn't necessarily mean quality. Pilots are stuck in the old mentalities where we want to work less for more, sorry gentleman but that is over. If being a pilot and the salaries you are getting aren't enough nowadays then I guess is time to look for a career change. Even if pilots would be put to work less they would still complaint. I am not in favor of any company I am just realistic on what the market is and what it has to offer and unless you can work in legacy airlines with good benefits which by the way they are very few of those, we are stuck with what we have because.

Everywhere you want to fly you are expected to be productive, that is the new TERM. Theres no perfect job and there will never be one specially nowadays.
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