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Originally Posted by nighthawk117 View Post
It's possible that there may be a role to play for passenger operations at PIK in future. Edinburgh is approaching capacity, Glasgow isnt far off too, if it can return to growth. Once they reach capacity they will stop offering cut price deals to get airlines in the door, and may even start to jack up the prices to help pay for any expansion. This will lead to an opportunity for PIK to offer cheap deals to low cost airlines like Ryanair and Wizz, possibly some of the charter operators too. flybe also hinted that they may operate a PIK-LHR flight if the 3rd runway there was approved.

Another possibility might be the island PSO flights. If Glasgow starts to reach capacity, it may be in their interest to kick out the Loganair island flights, to free up capacity for larger aircraft. These could be a perfect candidate to relocate to PIK.
EDI and GLA have previously announced plans for expansion that among other things included second runways. If they have dropped these then they have failed their promises when they were sold these national assets. Fragmenting flights to a third airport is the last thing passengers need.
If things are as you say it is the holiday flights that should be kicked out and sent to Prestwick, but not at cheap prices.
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