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Ah yes, the lovely Bev.

as a keen young naive (18) airman straight out of Boy Entrant training I was delighted to to be sent overseas from Waddo on an Ex Sunspot to Luqa supporting the mighty Vulcan in its attempts to reduce the camel population of Libya. As pax I was seated in the boom of a flying block of flats for the trip.

Taking off from Waddo to the west I was surprised at the (lack of) rate of climb as we cleared the far boundary. In fact, we seemed to descend as we slowly passed the Lincoln edge below. Turning North I saw most of the airfield spread out at the same level as me, slowly, but very slowly dropping away. The gentle turn continued and we re-crossed the edge and just north of the Weatsheaf. The turn continued onto a roughly NE heading and with the wings level again and very close in to the WRAF block, I noticed (as you do) that two fire engines and the blood wagon had left their little houses by ATC and were headed across the grass towards the runway. I could just see them over the hangars. Very exciting, someone must be in trouble I guessed!

Our flight continued NE for a little bit, then turned gently again over the four white triangles on 'Q' This was followed very shortly by a view of some grass up close and in danger of becoming personal and an arrival on the runway about half way down. At this point I realised the blood wagon and fire combi was for us.

I later discovered it was due to due to something about an engine going into autofeather just after lift off. We were quite heavy (even for a Bev) and the drop off over the Lincoln Edge helped with our efforts to regain the airfield. With 20/20 hindsight and a bit more knowledge of aviating, I have often wondered why wIth Swinderby just off the nose why we didn't simply land ahead? Perhaps you guys have the answer.

It was fun at the time though!
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