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This thread has been very useful...

Iím an Apple person of at least a decade, with many workstations, laptops, iPads and iPhones in the house.

But I wanted a dedicated device bigger than my iPhone 8 for flying, and none of my current ipads have GPS. My default would be an iPad but frankly I just think the prices are getting crazy and resent having to get a cellular one to use gps. I thought about a Bluetooth gps unit like Garmin Glo, which I could have used with a full size recent iPad or very old mini 1. But that means more devices to charge and remember.
Iíd been watching a few iPad mini 3&4 on eBay but they still go for £250+ with no warranty and no idea of their past lives. £500+ new seems a waste for something I want to live in my flightbag and not have too many apps on. In fact I donít want the temptation of all my usual Apps.

Im not that familiar with Android (used one device briefly years ago), but ultimately decided it would be worth keeping an open mind and trying it - so based on some comments on this forum and others, plumped for a Huawei M3 lite (8 inch) which was reduced to £140 new and has GPS, good screen and battery life.

Not used it in the air yet but first impressions are encouraging. Mostly Iím just getting used to Android to try and get as familiar as possible and learn how to shut everything off I donít need and make sure I can move around it. Skydemon itself seems pretty good, the biggest thing that hits you initially is that it refreshes significantly slower - panning around in planning is much less smooth than on Ios (phone and ipad) , not sure if this is device or code or bit of both. Also Iíd prefer if aircraft and waypoints would just stay in sync between devices, but thatís not an Android/iOS thing.

The rest will report back as I go. Iíll have the iPhone on a ram sucker mount and the m3 on my knee board (ordered a simple silicone case and used two strips of Velcro to hold to the interior knee board so can still close lid and use paper - for now).

No idea what the Android equivalent to iOS location services Ďalwaysí is. Any tips for that and any other Android things would be much appreciated!

Hope to fly with it this week so will add some more comments down the line.

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