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Let the negotiations drag out for at least 18 months beyond the current EBA expiry
Are you going to repeat mistakes from the past ?


You don't actually have to wait 18 months or 2 years to file for PIA.

You don't have to wait for a document to be produced or to make a no vote.

You can apply for PIA anytime during negotiations after an expired agreement.

Are you going to allow them to deliberately stall you for another year or 2 ? Do something about it NOW.

Industrial action:

Industrial action is only protected if:
- it is action taken by employees (or their bargaining representatives) to support claims in relation to an enterprise agreement (employee claim action) or
- the action meets the common and additional requirements for protection, which include:
  • not taking action before the nominal expiry date of an industrial agreement (including those workplace agreements made under the previous Workplace Relations Act 1996 eg. collective agreements, Australian Workplace Agreement (AWAs) and Individual Transitional Employment Agreement (ITEAs)
  • parties genuinely trying to reach agreement
The EBA has expired and Jetstar is not genuinely trying to reach an agreement.

Doesn't this meet the criteria to file for PIA ?

The fact that the Chief Pilot has already stated in writing not to expect more than 3% indicates it will be a strong NO vote. You already know the expected EBA and the result of the vote.

Why wait 2 years for a document which you know will only give you 3% and you also miss out on a payrise in the meantime ?

Why wait 2 years and allow them to use back pay as leverage against you ?

Why wait 2 years for a document that you already know will be unacceptable ?

It is time for action NOW.

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