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Speed limiting cars by 2022

With black boxes as well to say if you were speeding. which we will all end up paying for.

I for one could never understand the time, up-heaval and expense being inflicted on us all with those concrete monstrosities along our motorway system called smart motorways... why?, it looks like GPS and your car will make all that expense redundant in 2 years time, but they are still building the damned stuff... is it me or does it not seem stupid to be building something that prevents road widening at a later date to add extra lanes., I said it when they started doing it, roll out the technology into the car with warnings on screen or voice, you then do not need to produce all this environmentally unfriendly concrete....... jeez, I AM GOING GREEN....... I need to go hug a lampost.....

Deaths on UK Roads 2017 1793, speed related 1/4 = 448 Overkill or what...

Deaths related to Alchohol 7697,

Deaths by Drug Abuse 2504

Sometimes on wonders if resources are being channelled at the right targets


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