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Bill Pike
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You are clouding the issue with semantics old son. I am a simple pilot. I have listened to two barristers debating the subtle points of "mens rea" and "knowledge" and "the fault element" ad nauseum. Regardless of how much I understood, it was clearly not being introduced/expanded in its application/whatever, for my benefit.
Answer me three questions please.
"1. Is it easier to get a conviction under strict liability?"
"2. Is there anything in it for the accused?"
"3. Why does CASA want it so?"

(Please not, "The Attorney General made us do it.!")

Yes I know that there are "defences" but me, I would rather not be on the defensive. I prefer innocent until proved guilty.

That is all warm and wonderful fuzzy stuff, but didn't we just see the Minister's Office, with which you have such a close and productive relationship, give you two fingers and file the Strict Liability Bill while you were still talking to them? There is no doubt that while something is being achieved, negotiation is preferable to warfare, but wouldn't you agree that it is exactly this type of high handed, arrogant even dishonest behaviour that caused previous AOPA Boards to lose their patience (and cool)?
However unproductive warfare might be, if it comes to it, I would rather put the boot in than bend over.

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