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Originally Posted by cxorcist View Post
I get a kick outta all the locals on here acting as if their lives will be better when the expats are gone. If anything, the exact opposite is true. Once all the expats leave, CX will be just like every other Asian low cost carrier, and HK will garner no more interest or respect than Shenzhen, Guangzhou, or any other mainland city. It will be a symbol of what once was possible with democracy and free market capitalism, but has withered into “lost opportunities”... HK isn’t what it is today for any reason other than colonialism and geography. Soon, the Chinese will make sure all of that is gone. Why be exceptional when you can be all the same?
Be interested for you to supply the exact dates that Hong Kong was ever a ‘democracy’... Hong Kong before 1997 could best be described as a benign dictatorship under the colonial governors, with the Hongs grabbing the Governor’s balls and the Governor grabbing the Hongs in a classic we’re not going to hurt each other are we’ scenario.
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