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Your girl friend will be for ever thankful for helping to get her "roots" anchored... and I foresee a long and happy relationship when the "foundations" (even if it's in a cabin!) go back a while in her psyche. I have been with my "wife" for 43 years (we are not married for real!) and her and our 2 children have a place, on this sometimes crazy planet where to meet and relax. In front of the cheminey fire that warmed up my Father and the entire tribe of his ancestors, I cannot even contemplate to not try to keep these walls standing and his old twisted apple trees keeping giving us their apples to make the famous (to us anyway!) cider that we can share with friends or simple visitors, sitting around a table I made myself with a few trees felled 50 metres away... In a few weeks, I shall retire there, getting the farm in good shape for my kids and grand-children to take over when my ashes join my dad's and my mother's under the oak tree I can see from my bedroom window!!!
if you understand French!!!!
Flying a chopper, sailing on my classic wooden yacht (5 years liveaboard), riding my Merens cross for long treks, working as a shipwright / sailing on the most beautiful sailing boats in the world and many other wonderfully rewarding things I have been privileged to do so far, nothing can beat doing nothing on the farm....
I highly recommend to anyone in the position to do it... go for it.
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