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Originally Posted by BitMoreRightRudder View Post
How are BA going to offer more weekends off? Cancel flights? There will always be a need for BA pilots to work weekends. We aren’t talking about a charter operation here.

Agreed..the company could reduce exposure to weekends by reducing CAP, which would mean either reducing the flying programme or employing a lot more pilots..what are the chances

Wanting weekends off isn't something new but there isn't a complete fix and even those of us on senior long haul rosters will see work touch or completely cover the majority of weekends in a month ( though you do bump into the irritating outliers who like to claim they never work weekends..).

Re Part Time and Aiminghigh's question:

..I don't have the numbers to hand but:

I gather getting an Aspirational Part Time Contract ( as in I'd like Part Time) is rather problematic.

Some folks are getting a "no" to " to asks for "Right to Request" contracts.

So yes, the observation that people are having difficulty getting a part time contracts is true.
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