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When in doubt, it's always wise to return to the tried and tested appeals to voters hearts and minds.......well a suitably select group that is.

So what better attraction could there be than to fondly recall our heritage.......bear baiting, sending children up chimneys and workhouses to follow....than to allow your everyday sociopath the opportunity to canter around the countryside ripping a live animal to pieces all in the name of.......... "sport ".!

Sod the potential to lose jobs and business closures, as he's already indicated his indifference to, it's the essentials of life that should take priority !....but he has promised Boris a super job if he gets elected

Boris is of a similar mind as well, so that's sorted out any unity problems, and has thoughtfully written to another group of voters albeit many when voting probably get confused with the "X" and think they are putting their signature on a piece of paper .....having written to them was possibly a futile gesture as Boris may be under the impression they can both read and comprehend......

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