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Just say Boris decides to leave comewhat may but parliament voted against it, he is PM because he is an MP and a parliamentarian, can he go against aprliament , if he did would not the Queen be entirely within her rights, indeed duty bound , to sack him , especially as he has not actually been elected. Would the army and police take any notice of a PM who didjt have parliaments backing. Would the civil service obey a PM or parliament ?
I would hope all three are true otherwise we really a re the Nazi Germany of this century with unelected leaders ignoring parliaments.

If he does go for a GE it is hard to imaging the scale of lies he would tell -have we really sunk so low as a nation that we could elect a PM who in many ways is even worse than Trump and whose idea of negotiations with a woman EU president would probably be looking at her boobs but then most of his and Brexit voters would probably do the same.
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