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Originally Posted by Steepclimb View Post
As for the lies told by the remain side. Well they're only lies if they don't happen. A no deal Brexit is a roll of the dice. But the dice is loaded. It's not going to roll a six.
If course we are talking prophesies rather than lies (politicians cannot lie but might might be guilty of inexactitude). Sadly many prophesies by Remain were proven false as they didn't happen. The same is not true of the Leavers as that is yet to happen.

As for your analogy, No Deal could or would be a roll of a dice, that too is yet to occur. The odds of a 6 or 1-5 is indeed a load but who is to say whether 4 or 5 would be bad?

Remember the Referendum was a 3.05 and our MPs only managed 2.99.
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