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Originally Posted by DaveReidUK View Post
Yes, it would be interesting to analyse the few known instances of survivors to see if there was any pattern, for example aircraft type, etc.

It would be reasonable to expect that shorter sectors and/or those flown at a lower FL might be more survivable, for instance.

I read somewhere that radiated heat from the tyres and hydraulic systems can provide some warmth but presumably only on the first 30-60 minutes of the flight. In fact I wonder how hot those tyres would be after sitting on a hot African tarmac for 2- 4 hours then charging down the runway at max AUW? And what a frightening moment. The engine noise so close and then this massive bogie with wheels spinning at take off speeds before they are braked, aggressively enters your living spaces like some screaming monster who is really pi**ed at you for squatting in his cave!!! Now how close are you to those hot tyres?

I think in the same article I read, as others have suggested here, the mind numbing cold is literally that. The brain cools down and needs less O2 to survive. One assumes, that the stowaways first actions after take-off, when the temps start dropping, is to snuggle on top of a now only warm tyres. Soon after, unconsciousness and/or a form of hibernation is entered due to the extreme cold and O2 depletion. On destination arrival It's quite conceivable, the illegal passenger (if not already dead) is unlikely to be alert enough to the fact that the landing gear they initially laid down on is now descending.

Edit: Let's add another scenario to that. Wet runway. Spinning wheels coming at you. Water blasted and thoroughly soaked seconds after take off. Soon to be at -53 degrees.......

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