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Originally Posted by Bob Viking View Post
You dream of a utopian European ideal and believe people who tell you it is possible.

Maybe we are all right. Or maybe we are all wrong. Time will tell. I for one do not wish to fall out with anyone over it.

I don't ever believe in a utopian European ideal. No one does That's impossible. Even the most ardent EU enthusiast doesn't believe it. But you've been sold a utopian British ideal. (Well maybe not you personally) Neither is possible.

As for the lies told by the remain side. Well they're only lies if they don't happen. A no deal Brexit is a roll of the dice. But the dice is loaded. It's not going to roll a six. It'll be bad or very bad.

What I find astonishing is how many people are sleep walking into a no deal as much as anything because of the cranky attitude of the DUP whose agenda seems to be to antagonise the people whose island they share. Nothing new there of course but that it drags the rest of the UK into their bigoted bubble beggars belief.

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