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Originally Posted by Paul Lupp View Post
If they evade detection at both ends of their journey, how does anyone know to add them to any statistics ???

If there are scanners that can detect stowaways on trucks entering the UK at the docks, can't there be a similar hand-held device with which aircraft wheel wells can be checked? Bit of an over-kill (sorry) as it cannot happen very often and I dare say not many can attempt this activity at one go.
They stick CO2 probes in the truck at the ports.

​​​​​​The concerns about security at African Airports rather amuse me. Not so many years ago when I was working in Nigeria I watched a local chap wander across the runway at Benin City with a load of fire wood balanced on his head and who can blame him. It looked very heavy so why not take a couple of miles short cut.
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