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Originally Posted by Maninthebar View Post
Now not all of those will have been in the wheel-well, though the Beeb does name survivors for that case, but there is a risk that it understates 'successful' migrations where the individual has evaded detection at both ends of their journey.
It would be more accurate to say that only a very small proportion of stowaways who survive have travelled in a wheel-well. The rest will have been in a cargo hold or other pressurised compartment. The statistics probably underestimate the imbalance, since the wheel-well occupants are more likely not to figure at all in the stats if their fallen bodies have remained undiscovered.

While it's always difficult to counter misconceptions among the vulnerable, I can't help feeling that education would help. If potential wheel-well stowaways could understand that the odds of survival are hugely stacked against them (even compared to, say, a RIB across the Med) then perhaps we might see an end to these tragedies.
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