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The Grill that sets on my Porch....the Grill Beags and Baston denigrate so.....has a Charcoal Tray Insert for those occasions I entertain those who insist upon their Steak being "seared".

It also has a "Chip" tray for smoking roasts, poultry, fish, and other selections.

I can even bake on the grill....breads, pies, cobblers, whole fish, poultry.

Try that in your wonderful Webber....ever try to regulate the heat in one to provide a constant pre-determined heat and have any success?

We must remember...the British adopting anything American does not mean they get it right or do so without crafting their own idea of how it should be used.

For crying out loud....they even stock red canned Budweiser in Pubs and call it Beer!

There is no explaining some folks thinking on matters!
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