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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post
Here's a question.

We know, or at least we think we know the reaction of hardline Brexiteers were the whole project to be cancelled by revocation of Art.50. But what would be the reaction of hardline remainers were Johnson (I only say him as he is more likely to do it) to prorogue parliament and force through a no deal crash out.

I would suggest the level of public disobedience would be of the same order.
Big cities like London etc will be where the public disobedience is and will be difficult to contain if it starts.

Figure that many people will use opportunity to target and abuse Eastern Europeans, enboldend by UK actually leaving, many of those abused will just leave which Brexiteers will cheer at and then wonder why many small local businesses cease to exist.

Boston Linc is prob a good example, 76% vote Brexit, population has grown by 22% since 2001 to 2017 to 68,000. Lots of new shops, new schools, new medical spending. All of a sudden lose 10% of population and businesses have no employees, lots more property around but council starts getting less council tax while needing to spend the same and more.

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