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Originally Posted by lucille View Post
“6,000 hours of fast low flying in rough conditions”

Are you sure they fly fast? Most survey work is done at slower speeds to get better resolution.
If their operations are 200AGL or less, it may not be nearly as rough as one imagines. The thermals will not have had time to build and accelerate.
200 ft agl at 140 to 150 knots, then hook it around to get on line for the next closely spaced run for five hours at a time. This aircraft had tip tanks.
From the ATSB:


The flight was one of a number of flights undertaken for the purpose of a geological survey to the north and north-east of Mount Isa.

The survey was conducted in a grid pattern, with closely spaced east and west lines along with more widely spaced north and south lines flown for data verification purposes. The flight profile closely followed the topography of the survey area at a speed of about 140-150 kt with procedure turns flown at each end of a survey line.

Each flight typically lasted for about 5 hours with multiple flights required to complete each survey. Two flights were normally flown each day in accordance with allowable environmental and daylight conditions, each flight on a given day being operated by a different pilot.

The aircraft typically departed with full fuel, resulting in it operating at close to the maximum allowable take-off weight.

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