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Originally Posted by Texanav8r View Post
So next question because there’s definitely a language barrier between FAA and CASA. Qantas FO direct entry page lists requirement as command time not under supervision. What exactly do you guys count as command time? Does delivering 172/182/206 cessnas across the US count as command time, or is command time only time when you are operating on a 121/135 certificate?
Ok. You need to have a thinking adjustment. Things are different here.

Command time is when you are in command of an aircraft. Towing a glider in a Pawnee is command time. Doing circuits in a Cub is command time.You can count a number of hours in gliders and ultralights as command time. The whole "part 121/135/91" etc. is fairly new to Aus, so we're hardly going to make that a requirement.

QF have not hired direct entry FOs in decades. The entry position is SO, which is essentially a cruise-relief pilot. You don't do take-offs or landings (as in, you are not in either SEAT for takeoff or landing). Promotion to FO is on seniority and it depends on what's happening at the time- I've known guys who were 12 year SOs, others have transitioned in 18 months.

Have you looked at Virgin, Tiger (though that IS Virgin these days) and Jetstar? Also Alliance has a big presence in Brisbane- you won't get based there initially, but it would be an option at some time in the future.
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