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Originally Posted by dr dre View Post

Actually no. Those vote totals (137,000 vs 25,000) were not enough to get either candidate elected. It was over a million votes on the total group ticket that got candidates from that party elected.

If you read what you originally had written Doc (and I quoted in my comment), you will see that you were wrong, or at the very least expressed yourself poorly. However I'm sure you understand the political system, as do I, and I should have been interpreted your statement more charitably and let it go.

But our 'democracy' has no failures? Come on.
1. Who shamefully scuttled Rudd's original Emissions Trading Scheme? Yes, the Greens, on ~10% of the vote. A classic case of the sensible centre held to ransom by ideologues.

2. Political 'preference whispering' is now apparently a profession. In our last parliament we had 'elected' Senators on a handful of votes, whose policies were unknown or undefined, and who clearly weren't the result of the collective will of the states they represented. The new parliament will likely be the same. The cynical manipulation of the preference system is widely acknowledged by everyone, except it seems, you, who claim there are 'no failure[s]' in our democracy.

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