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Who cares, all this is because the current popular candidate for the PM slot might actually do something that the rest of the muppets have tried not to do for three years, i.e. leave the EU, and by doing so do what the Conservatives keep claiming they would do and honour the referendum result, which after the last three years we know was a fallacy, so just in case he actually still wins after all the current tactics fail they are already broadcasting what they will do next to stop him actually doing the job they voted him in to do, if he wins, bit like Turkey’s voting for Christmas. Hunt will be another May so nothing will change the current deadlock, so look forward to more extensions until the next GE.

Some are even prepared to destroy their own party and help Corbyn get in than entertain the UK leaving the EU and that is beyond the pale even for politicians who appear to be stooping to a new low that I did not think they were capable of. Yet there are those who honestly believe that Corbyn getting in is a better choice for the future of the UK and its economy, than leaving the EU.

Finally, is Johnson the only politician who has ever had issues within their private lives, no, and has it affected the way they carry out their MP duties, no, does anyone actually believe that Gove did not get into the final two because of his admission of drug taking earlier in his life, doubt it very much.
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