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Originally Posted by KelvinD View Post
I think that is a tad unfair on the enforcement officer. She could have found herself facing a court should she have chosen to go down that route. And the penalty under the Act can be as high as 2,500! He was doing his job and he may have found himself in a quandary. Possibly, he was thinking "This is going to be a bit hard on the old girl but, on the other hand, it is being filmed by myself and Mr/Mrs Innocent Bystander." If his terms of employment say he has no latitude and must issue a ticket, then I wonder if the old dear would have supported him and any family when he was fired for not obeying the company's rules? Anyway, feeding the birdies might seem cute; trying to get the pigeon crap off your car is not! And, if there are multiple signs around the town asking people not to feed the birds what is the old lady's argument then? It is only the same as people allowing their dogs to foul hither and thither.
A noble thought Kelvin, I grant you, but, flawed if past experience is anything to go by.

Witnessed the sudden pounce and gotcha ! ( thanks for the bonus ! ) outside the Adelphi in Liverpool on day. The timing was perfect, wait until after breakfast, people are waiting for a coach, having a last cigarette and, due the shortage of, and full, bins, there's only the floor left..not very social minded I know, but, the whole area was strewn with cigarette ends. . However, it was the demographic they targeted...the elderly not some young Liverpudlian who wasn't going to be intimidated with their black uniforms and boots ....these were happily strolling past....unaffected ..can't think why. A bit of research showed their MO to be a standard targeting practice...denied of course, along the with bonus they get..denied again...alas, a documentary blew these excuses out of the water when they showed the training on camera !

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