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Originally Posted by josephfeatherweight View Post
Titan, don't talk like that - it's unbecoming of a potential Officer, disrespectful to an experienced QFI and the fact is, you did sound rather arrogant.
The Defence community in Oz is a small one, don't make a name for yourself before you even get a crack a it, particularly if, as per your admission, your flying was "average".
Slezy9's flying was a fair bit better than average, so best pull ya head in! Good luck!
Mate, I took a fair bit of my time (typing on a phone) to give honest advice to a candidate. I got and expected nothing on return. In return for that I was attacked by Slezy9 and insulted despite the fact that he knows nothing of my circumstances. If that is the way people who give advice are treated then good luck getting any more advice.
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