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Originally Posted by capngrog View Post
As pointed out in Post #4, I was taught in primary flight training to use opposite rudder and some nose down elevator to recover from a spin and to leave the ailerons alone. It appeared from the video that large aileron deflections, in the direction of the turn, were used, including large "up" elevator (ANU) deflections. This seems just the opposite of what I was taught. I would think that an airshow pilot would know these things, so that raises the question of incapacitation or disorientation.
The rudder is the primary control to stop a spin, and the elevator position must be so that most of the rudder area is subject to the slipstream.
The elevator nose up or nose down to recover from a spin depends on the configuration of the tail. Some aircraft (most Pitts for instance) require full nose up elevator to quickly stop spinning.

Concerning ailerons, it has been established that ailerons opposite to the spin tend to aggravate/flatten the spin.
If one looks carefully at the video stills, one can notice that the ailerons are in the left roll position, while the airplane is spinning to the right, so this is a case of ailerons aggravating the spin.

In this particular case, the up elevator and left aileron in a right spin are compatible with the instinctive action of a panicky or disoriented pilot.
Like any experienced pilots, display pilots do make mistakes.
Only inexperienced pilots don't think so.

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