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Even the crew of the Vincennes were ashamed of their actions that day.

If in doubt of that....watch the video and see their reaction when they realized the "Threat" was a civilian airliner they had shot down.

Mistakes happen for many reasons and far too many innocent folks get harmedt when that happens.

I am sure the US Navy learned some very bitter lessons from that tragedy.

One must recall the earlier successful attack on a US warship not all that long before the Vincennes Incident.

For sure someone is intent upon causing chaos and heightened tensions in the area and have succeeded somewhat.

If and when they get found out there shall be a heavy price to pay for these four attacks.

That does not excuse what happened but does help in describing the environment the ship was operating in.....the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman are dangerous places due to the hostile relationships of so many countries in the Region.
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