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Originally Posted by SASless View Post
You seem to be reading very different news sources than I am re these Tanker attacks...all four of them.

Trump has clearly stated he wishes to have substantive negotiations with the Iranians and even asked the Japanese PM to encourage them to do so.

How is that calling for War?
Never mentioned US President, I mentioned two of his underlings Sec's Pompeo and Bolton.

Trump has been very clear that he doesn't seek a war, I believe him which is why the Deep State hate him. Pompeo and Bolton have been very clear they wish for a war, be it in Venezuala, Iran or anywhere else and yes I would firmly believe they would conspire to get US into a war in whatever way possible.

You know from when you served that Navy / Marines / Air Force / Army struggled to coordinate things because each had different agenda and plans. This is exactly the same at Govt level but the implications can be even worse for decades after.

In Russia if something happens then Putin seemingly ordered it, Iran it was Ayatollah but seemingly in US / UK etc then it wasn't the President / PM but someone else.

Fact is most leaders don't have a clue what people are getting up to and rely on being briefed properly but military / intel are quite happy to lie to their back teeth until they caught. Current National leaders wouldn't be first to have to rely on the media for information because the way it gets sanitised and blocked at verious stages of the bureaucracy.
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