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Originally Posted by SASless View Post
Why did the Iranians attempt to shoot down the Reaper Drone that responded to the vessels after the attack on them?

Prior it appears plus a drone coming close to a naval vessel will get shot down / warned off. USN will do the same thing.

Opposite site of "A" story is US drone was providing targeting info for someone else to attack the tankers and there to photgraph it.

Are US drones following "every" tanker that is transiting Straits of Hormuz or is it very selective based on direct orders from eleswhere. Would be interesting on seeing where the paper trail is leading.

The vessels were in International waters thus the Drone was as well.
So was the Iran Air Airbus and USS Vincennes had crossed and was operating in Iranian waters during that fateful day.

USS Sides and Vincennes saw same data, one had a competent crew who understood their duty, the other didn't and shot down a civilian airliner.

Iranian drone operating in international waters close to a US Naval vessel will get treated as hostile, should same not apply on opposite sides ?

Why was the crew of the one tanker detained by the Iranians?
Rescued, looked after and questioned as to what happened..... er same thing that USN did.

What is it the Iranians are trying to hide?
Quite possibly nothing at all, hence they doing everything to try and find WTF is going on and who is really behind it.

Why did the Iranians put out a propaganda video declaring they had sunk Israeli and American vessels?
Propoganda that someone thinks is a good idea, just because someone does it doesn't mean whole Govt agreed to it and signed off on it. Theirs is a bureaucracy and as incompetent as any.

Why do you not question the Iranians and hold them to the same standard you do the Americans?

I do and look at their motives. Someone is intent on getting a shooting match started. US Def Sec and Sec of State are the ones egging it on in recent weeks with Israel and Saudi's seeking an attack on Iran and openly requesting it.

Yet seemingly everybody has to believe that Iran wants it to start.
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