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I am a local resident although I have nothing to do with the Aero Club.This whole situation is very sad and I am astonished that it has come to this. The management of the situation by the Shire could have been much better and, as I have discovered personally elsewhere, they appear to lack proper records and seem to be unable to accept any responsibility of their past behaviour. There has, however, been significant agitation by a vocal, NIMBY minority that I believe has had an effect on the Shire’s behaviour and this should serve as a warning to other small local airports. Other modern factors which other airports should be aware of are the power of social media to spread “fake news” and the destruction of decent, traditional journalism to deliver genuine facts and analysis. It also shows how easy vandalism is - building things takes great effort but destroying them is much easier and we must guard against it or lose what we have.

For some time an organisation called the “ local ratepayers group” has purported to represent the community but in reality has predominantly been a vehicle for a few individuals to maintain a campaign against the airfield whilst feeling the need to provide a regular stream of unsolicited opinions through local letterboxes on everything from kids on bikes to linking speeding to the wearing of hi viz clothing! In addition to this group, a retired army officer moved into the area about 5 years ago, fresh from failing as a Greens candidate in the state election. After buying his house on the dead side, well away from the circuit, he has become incensed that someone has had the temerity to operate an airfield nearby for the last 60 years! This guy is straight out of Von Moltke’s productive fool mould and has decided that we, the local residents, need to galvanised under his clearly superior leadership. I suspect that early in his life his girlfriend ran off with a pilot! I initially just considered him a devisive annoyance but I underestimated his energy and the effect he would have on the community. He created the impression that physical expansion of the airfield was planned and that there was widespread conspiracy between government and the Aero Club. The “independent” noise survey was apparently going to be a white wash and anyway, the Aero Club were all rich people from elsewhere on the peninsula! He has doorstepped the whole area and created the impression that many people are behind him whereas, in reality, like the Ratepayers Group, he is following a mostly personally carved agenda.

One of the particular complaints of the failed Greens candidate has been against helicopters which is surprising as very few helicopters actually operate from Tyabb! One reason for this confusion that has not been discussed and that other airfields might want to consider is is the volume of traffic that passes over Tyabb unrelated to the airfield. Even if the airfield did not exist, it still sits on the direct track from both Essendon and Moorabbin to Phillip Island and Hastings. I see a lot of traffic come past that is clearly nothing to do with the airfield but I suspect that the airfield is copping the blame.

I love the fact that I get to see interesting aircraft from my window and occasionally get the beautiful growl of a RR Merlin come past that makes me run outside. The airfield is great for the kids and the community and I genuinely find the noise from trucks, hoons and motorcycles far more intrusive than aircraft. I’’m off to write my local councillors, I urge you to do the same if you are in a position to do so....
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