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Originally Posted by Olympia463 View Post
How long is a piece of string? As an avid consumer of AAIB reports for 20+ years I think we may hear quite soon, as there is so little to say. 'CFIT when dis-oriented in IMC'. There are no black boxes, no flight plans that mean anything, no radio messages of any use either. AAIB don't seem to want to see the wreckage either. Mr Sala was not happy about some aspects of the flight, but what did he know about flying?

The major interests in this one are the legal aspects of this flight and these have been examined ad nauseam here, but again this is a pilots forum and we are not legal eagles. M'learned friends are going to have a field day, but the fine detail probably will not get reported on here.
Am afraid could not disagree more with the second paragraph above. It is precisely because PPRuNe IS a forum of discussion that incidents such as this must not be just of interest, but moreover it must be of grave concern to those who subscribe to it.
The consequences of our judgment, individual and at times collective, is put to the test by the judiciary. That test will involve examination as thorough, intensive and fine detail as a electron microscope may provide. From that we then also learn a valuable lesson. From that we learn of other`s errors, mistakes, lack of and/or poor judgment. And those who have an affinity for learning, there is therefore every hope that similar failings will not re occur. So this forum does provide that essential medium to those of us who seek to continue to learn.
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