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Interesting term " acting in good faith ". It is the sort of term found in legal language, not one for the common folk used in everyday language. For example, just to illustrate the point, surely it is not the sort of thing one would spill out given the misfortune of a visitation by the Mrs. whilst in the act of fumbling to do up the brassiere of the maid in the milking parlour, with breeches riding at half mast. Would that not be analogous to crying after spilt milk. Unless of course one happens to be a lawyer who is well able to maintain equanimity and stiff.. upper lip, under the most severe circumstances. So translating this to language spoken by a non-lawyer, it would be, look mate I am telling you, honest mate, I done it sort of a favour, helping me kid like, kinda like giving him a hand with the job so to speak, if you like, if you see what I mean. I`d done it sort of more than ten years, if you see what I mean.

Nevertheless, presently it is intermission time. Second Act will commence after AAIB release the accident report.I expect that`s when actors wearing their gowns and wigs will be on the stage and give us all a much better performance as to meaning of "good faith". I wait with great anticipation to hear what that may be.
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