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Originally Posted by RexBanner View Post
Alright then Right Engine. You give me the number of how many unfrozen pilots that have actually been denied moves to Long Haul from Short Haul as a result of Long Haul DEP. The number is miniscule in the greater scheme of things.

More or less everybody in recent years has been getting their move after 5 years, if not a little bit less than that, one Airbus pilot I know moved in the final year of her freeze to the 777 after only 3 and a bit years due to joining in December of the first training year.

Iím only trying to point this out because some people are posting some very overly negative and misleading stuff about joining on the airbus and the risks associated with that. Iíve crunched the numbers and right now everything is pointing to me being on a Long Haul course in early 2021 having joined early 2016 (and possibly next year if enough people above me decide to stay as senior P2 on the Airbus due JSS). Thatís exactly as advertised when I joined the company.

(And MikeAlpha320 I take your point about courses not necessarily being available but, even with a slowdown thatís unlikely right now due to the large retirement numbers due in 2020/21).
Genuinely interested here Rex. What did you base your numbers on? Iím slightly ahead of you, joined mid-late 2015 and am unfrozen in this yearís bid, but donít think Iíll get anything for a couple of years. That said I havenít done too much work into it. I have already deleted and re entered my PRIAM twice, as life is getting pretty good with seniority on the Airbus, so donít know if I want to race to the bottom of a LH status list. I guess it depends on how many people are feeling like me. I look at junior LH rosters and think they look terrible compared to mine at the moment, but then every now and then Iíll openly admit I get big, shiny jet syndrome.
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