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Originally Posted by IFEZ View Post
QC's at twenty paces indeed OZBUSDRIVER..! I'll be attending the meeting tonight. What I want to know is how it has deteriorated so badly and so quickly (so it seems). Something doesn't smell right with this, and the stench is coming from inside the council offices. The majority of local residents support the airfield. How is it that a noisy (but clearly influential) minority has managed to get the council on side all of a sudden...(?) What has transpired behind closed doors at council HQ that we don't know about...??
As I said in a previous post: Follow the money.
What rezoning of land in the vicinity of the airport for residential development are in the wind??
What un/under developed land has changed hands recently.
Which political advocacy "consultants" are quietly running the anti-airport PR in the background.
Which green/left Councillors are being played for suckers by developers.
There are those with vital interests on the airport, who have the resources and ability (I hope) to sort this, but I doubt the "average" aero club committee can do that, without substantial help.
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