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I may be reading this wrongly but the report states on page vii "Tyabb Airfield has a unique private ownership structure – there are a total of 43 different “land owners”, mainly owners of hangars held on individual titles". Later in the report it does say that "The airfield remains privately owned, with core airfield infrastructure (e.g. the runway, taxi ways and clubrooms plus a number of hangers) owned and operated by Peninsula Aero Club (PAC). In addition to the PAC, there are a total of 43 different landowners associated with the Airfield, predominantly owners of individual aircraft hangers, which are held on separate strata titles. An airfield access agreement is in place with each landowner"

the report also goes on to say, again on page vii, "Based on initial submissions, and despite some concerns, the majority of Tyabb residents appear to hold the view that the current operation of the airfield is acceptable and generally in line with their amenity expectations. This is also evidenced by the low level of formal complaints received by Airservices and Council. However, the limitations of the existing permits, the lack of a strong regulatory framework in relation to aircraft noise and the absence of an airfield master plan, all create an atmosphere of uncertainty for some members of the local community" Page viii goes on to say "Resident stakeholders typically do not want the airfield closed. However, in the context of the potential for intensification of activity and lack of an agency with regulatory responsibility/authority, many argue for “no change, no expansion”.

As I read the report I get the feeling that it is pro the airport, though a recurring theme is the lack of an airfield "master plan" from the airfield itself (highlighted in section 6.3 of the report).

It reads like the airfield could be the master of it's own doom by entering into negotiations in a less than conciliatory way and I'm afraid that it may fall foul of the need to build homes, as have many airfields here in UK. You may well be more successful by working with the local community/council rather than against it, produce the plan..............

My final bit of advice, make sure you respond to any and all planning applications which you think may impact the airfield, no response is considered acceptance by UK planning authorities.

To try and keep the neighbours friendly, my flying club (not that I'm a member any more) holds an annual event at which the neighbours are invited to come and visit and many are taken flying. This also helps to dispel the myths that you have to be a millionaire to fly GA.

Also, if you;re unlicensed and just an ALA, is it legal to carry out commercial operations? I don't think it would be here in blighty.
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