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Originally Posted by Expressflight View Post

The complainant said it was 6th March 2019 so it was a Wednesday, not a Friday and a very different level of activity to that which you fairly accurately estimated for a Friday. I thought it odd that he did not write his review until 20th May 2019 so I wonder if some other news story prompted him to submit it so long after the event. As he mentions pax missing their connection to Dubia that suggests they were flying SEN-AMS, but according to the EZY Winter 18/19 programme there was no Wednesday AMS flight until 15:25; a time when queues were very unlikely to exist surely. In fact the programme shows there should have been no EZY departures before 09:00 and only five departures for the whole day! As far as Flybe is concerned there should have been a DUB flight at 06:40 with a GRQ at 08:15 and a CGN at 08:20 and only another six flights during the rest of the day. In fact 6th March 2019 was an incredibly quiet day at SEN and it's very hard to believe that queues as depicted could actually exist on such a day. I also didn't know that Fast Track Security existed in early March as I thought it a recent 'innovation', but perhaps it was in place then.

All in all an odd story to say the least.
I think the trip was on 6th April as Skytrax verified the trip by reference to the complainants flight ticket and recorded the trip as having taken place in April. What was the schedule like for Saturday 6th April?
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