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Bill Pike
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Hidden in the bumpf, there is truth in what you say. Simply put, the bureaucrats like the simplicity of Strict Liability and the legislature has given it to them. You are perfectly correct so far. Me, I don't like it one little bit. If ATC give an instruction that is not obeyed, such as perhaps even a red light at an airport, not seeing the light is not a defence. Not hearing the overtransmitted radio call is probably an offence. I don't like it at all. It might be the wave of the future, I still don't like it. Far more seriously though, I really don't like the underlying proposed regulations. I especially am fond of the one that says in effect that if you get lost you must de facto have not made sure that you didn't get lost, therefore "gone". Or the one that says that a pilot must obey any rule set down by the Airport Operator, safety related or not!!
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