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Originally Posted by FH1100 Pilot View Post
But let's be honest here: This was *not* a case of LTE. It was merely a case of a helicopter wanting to weathervane into the wind. As soon as it started to yaw, the pilot should have stomped on that left pedal and arrested the yaw. He did not.
From the Helicopter Flying Handbook, on LTE
Weathercock Stability (120240) In this region, the helicopter attempts to weathervane, or weathercock, its nose into the relative wind. [Figure 11-12] Unless a resisting pedal input is made, the helicopter starts a slow, uncommanded turn either to the right or left, depending upon the wind direction. If the pilot allows a right yaw rate to develop and the tail of the helicopter moves into this region, the yaw rate can accelerate rapidly. In order to avoid the onset of LTE in this downwind condition, it is imperative to maintain positive control of the yaw rate and devote full attention to flying the helicopter.
You say its *not* LTE, then you practically give the textbook definition of LTE? Well,...ok dude
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