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Originally Posted by Sandy Reith View Post
Reading from the CASA website about it’s philosophy we find the following, quote:-
  • clear and concise, using plain language and concepts wherever possible
One could be forgiven for thinking that this says it all. The Act says “clear and concise.” It does not have a free get out of jail card such as “wherever possible.”
A very recently retired very senior "public servant", whom both you and I know, once said to me, and he was not joking: "When all else fails, read your Act" ---- at the time he was head of hist particular department/authority/bureau.
CASA punctiliously follow their Act and Regulation, and all other relevant legislation, codes, guidelines etc. just when it suits them, and not at any other time.
In Canberra, they are not alone.
Tootle pip!!
PS: Given that the Government did not change, there are some quite embarrassed CASA persons right now, some of whom will have to revise some of their "planned" actions against certain operators. A fly on the wall tells me some shredders were running hot, maybe even a bit of overtime on 19/05.
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