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Change of CMT

Whilst I don't want to interrupt the flow of my argument, it may be worth adding an interesting note at this stage.

For many years I had been working with the CASA team referred to as CMT 2. On 10th May 2018 I was advised that I had a change of CMT to another team. I was concerned on receipt of this information as there was a person on the team, that I felt may act against APTA, and perhaps more personally towards me. This individual had a "reputation" within industry, as not the "ideal" person to be working with

The next day 11/05/18 I sent an email to my Regional Manager requesting a one on one meeting, and I followed up with another email on 16/05/18 requesting a one on one meeting to raise my concerns, and importantly the request was for a one on one meeting, but importantly NOT off the record.

Therefore CASA records should clearly show that concerns were raised by me about this individual and going forward, in an endeavour to maintain some anonymity, I will refer to him as FOI, Mr Smithers going forward

Anyway, I registered my concerns, and I was assured that Mr Smithers would work professionally with APTA.

Interestingly enough, I will assert that Mr Smithers was instrumental in initiating the action against APTA. So one would really have to wonder why my FOI would work so diligently behind APTAs back and try to bring it undone. If these people approached their job with the tenacity that they chased me, CASA might actually get something done!!!!

Irrespective of that Mr Smithers approach was not in accordance with CASAs own regulatory philosophy.

Most safety orientated organisations by now would be looking inwards and trying to review the way they had handled the whole matter, but not CASA. Impossible to admit we erred like an aviation safety professional would, lets try and smoke it all up.

Meanwhile while CASA works away trying to bring APTA undone, I am unable to sign up new customers. Its important to appreciate that APTA was built and running but required 10 customers to join. In fact just today I have had a potential new member establish contact to find about APTA. As soon as I tell them that APTA has only about another month to run, and I am awaiting another CASA extension, I suggest that there interest will wane very quickly, and that highlights my problem. I have to repeatedly turn away customers until my business is given surety of operations. Its been running safely and compliantly for nearly 15 years, why do CASA choose to act this way, its so totally unnecessary.

So Mr Smithers, I intend to hold you fully to account for your performance, and the starting point for that in fairness, is your position description. As in my own organisation, I cannot hold anyone to account for something that is not written in a job description. For clarity I intend to lodge formal complaints about a Senior Executive (done) and an FOI, a Regional Manager, and a Team Leader. Obviously they are only allegations and outside of the workplace they may well head down to Mr Crawford's soccer game and all flip sausages together. Very admirable and indicates you are a decent person outside of the workplace. I can only draw on my own experience, and that experience has been substandard.

So anyway I approach CASA for the respective job descriptions which aren't available anywhere on the website Now if a apply for a job, I can get the job description. But if I want to lodge a complaint it had to go in to CASA and then I had to request it under Freedom Of Information, and now I am waiting up to 30 days for CASA to decide whether they will give it to me. Can a CASA job really be that "top secret"

If someone lodged a complaint about one of my staff, the starting point would be the job description.

Now if the job description reads "go out into industry, wreak havoc and destruction, and don't support industry, I will withdraw my complaint, because you have done your job with a zest that I would love to have in my own workplace.

Now if the job description has words like, respect, foster, build, engage, increase safety etc, then I will most definitely be lodging a complaint.

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