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Originally Posted by cavortingcheetah View Post
It's about a person in public office making false claims intended to deceive the public who paid his salary.

That presupposes a certain nobility of motive which is very far removed from the real one of Ball and those who support him. One can only marvel at the hypocrisy, worthy of the Lib Dems at the least, while at the same time wondering why a retrospective action has not been brought against Blair for taking Britain into a war. Could it be perhaps because Blair is a remainer? It certainly can't be because it isn't true.
I hear that Marcus Ball pays himself a salary from his crowd funding and that he has been known to redact statements to suit moments of time in the future. Of course, Ball is not a person in public office but might he not be a person whose salary is paid by the public?
I expect some squirming will ensue when Ball realises that his name is oxymoronic to the cause in question.
So you have replaced your objection, because your original story that

You're going to have a court case to illustrate to the world the fact that either the vast mass of the population is so grammatically inept that it can't correctly interpret a single sentence or that it is so gullible that, having misinterpreted it, it believes its own misinterpretation.
was wrong.
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