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"(In the absence of a handy Morse code telegraph station, advise all personnel about a magic communication device known as a telephone, purchase same and instruct in the use of same. If your instructors don’t catch on after a couple of hours then advise them to look for other work, example, try Aviation House)"

Of course Sandy if "telephone" was mentioned it would require a new section in the "exposition" (Luv that word, what was wrong with Shelfware) along with an approved syllabus of training, 400 page operating manual, a new addition to the MOS, possibly a new examination on telecommunications and a new section on the licence which would have to signed off every year by an ATO after a rigorous oral examination. Fifty penalty points sounds about right for flying while not being current in telecommunication. Also the AIP would need amending to add approved phrases that must be used when telecommunicating.

"Mention of ‘privileges’ in legislation should be done away with, its a pathetic leftover from the days when monarchs had all the rights and only dished out ‘privileges’ to the compliant, fawning and favoured ‘subjects.’"

Now there's an idea. Maybe Glen should apply for a Royal Appointment. "Provider of flying training services to her majesty the Queen", got a nice ring to it, might put Glen in the frame for a knighthood which I reckon he deserves. Sorry to be flippant Glen but when you consider the tragedy unfolding with your situation and how absolutely powerless you must feel, what's left but to make fun of them. Your absolutely right about that Scottish Git, a real piece of work he's virtually in charge anyway, rumour has it that other bloke only turns up to work a couple of times a week. Have you seen what we pay these numpies?

Perhaps the Scottish Git's response to you came from the realisation that your innovative business model could actually succeed, innovation in the lexicon of CAsA's modus operandi is a dirty word.

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