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Attention to details, believed copy of CASA requirements example #4

Having left out so many
obvious necessities for off base training CASA should go back and rethink the disasters that will undoubtedly occur through lack of proper detail. Some comments and suggestions in brackets.

4. The availability of suitable facilities and services such as:
a) flight planning, briefing and crew rest and refreshment.
(There’s a great idea, “suitable facilities”)
b) fuel (aircraft, for the use of)

c) aircraft parking areas
(brilliant CASA, no dummy instructor would have thunk that one, room to park your plane!)
d) aircraft maintenance services.
(there’s an idea! maintain your aircraft! On cross countries take a LAME with a full set of tools and maintenance manuals)
e) NOTAM and weather services
(pay for a Met man to service the weather onsite at all times if flying is to be considered.)

But they left the best for last -
f) communication ability with operational headquarters and other relevant agencies such as:- Fire services- Ambulance- Police- Aerodrome owner- Airservices Australia.
And, in an uncharacteristic display of modesty did not put CASA at the top of list of important agencies. Also left out the Mental Disability Authority.
(In the absence of a handy Morse code telegraph station, advise all personnel about a magic communication device known as a telephone, purchase same and instruct in the use of same. If your instructors don’t catch on after a couple of hours then advise them to look for other work, example, try Aviation House)

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