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Originally Posted by Centaurus View Post
Yonks ago, there was a shortish runway 07 at Townsville with the takeoff flight path going over a close-in suburb called Belgian Gardens. In strong north-easterlies we were forced to use that runway for our Lincoln bombers. The Lincoln was a four engine tail dragger similar except bigger than the wartime Lancaster. Four Rolls Royce Merlins at full chat on take off were very loud I can tell you. On the days we used 07 we would get complaints from a local hypnotist that we were ruining his business. No sooner had he had plied his evil trade on a sweet young thing in his studio, when a Lincoln passing over his house at 200 feet would ruin the sťance.

He complained bitterly to our Commanding Officer, an ex Beaufighter pilot who used to fly low level missions against the Japs in Timor during WW2. He didn't believe in political correctness. The CO was unsympathetic to say the least and told the hypnotist in no uncertain terms that the Air Force was there to defend the country and to stop bitching. The complaints continued so we were directed by the CO to deliberately hold down after take off from 07 rather then climb steeply for noise abatement. By doing that with great pleasure - who knows - we may have ruined the business of the hypnotist yet saved the honour of a few virgins..
I look forward to Centaurus’ stories. Always worth reading.
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